Message from the Chief of Police


    Welcome to the new website of the Fairview Police Department. Our number one priority is serving the people who live, work and shop in our community. Your police department is dedicated to providing the very best services to our community, whether it is responding to an emergency call, crime or accident or providing cutting edge programs that make a difference; we are there for you. In 2011 we will be unveiling several new initiatives and programs that will assist residents of all ages; whether it is through education or programs that will improve public safety; our department will be pro-active. We look forward to working with our local businesses leaders, residents and other community oriented organizations to improve Fairview. We urge citizens to get involved; register to receive emergency alerts and take advantage of the programs that we are offering. Please recognize and understand that we are here for you; providing more than just the motto “Protect and Serve” calls for. Our motto, which is embroidered on our department patch, is “Community First”. Our department intends to live by that standard as we move forward together in an effort to make Fairview an even better place to live, work and shop. We look forward to your input and any questions; please contact us at anytime (201) 943-2100 or you can e-mail as at info@fairviewpd.com.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Fairview Police Department.

    Frank Del Vecchio
    Chief of Police